Where I've been recently:

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Self-Care Classes & Workshops

Health at Every Size @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.

Chair Yoga @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2019.

Yoga, Mindfulness, Interoception, & Curiosity 

@ University of Michigan Barger Leadership Institute Undergraduate Program Retreat. 2019.

The Five Directions: A workshop for Trauma Stewards. 2019.

Melanin Movement: Yoga for POC @ Amplify Colectivo. 2019.

Golden: Yoga for Women and Gender Expansive People of Color @ Amplify Colectivo. 2019.
Build Your Own Practice. Offered first in 2018 and occasionally since.

Self-Care: Beyond the Slogan @ University of Michigan Community Action and Social Change Program. 2018

Inclusive Hatha Yoga @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2014 - 2020

*I also taught Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga and Teen Yoga Classes at A2 Yoga and the Ann Arbor YMCA from 2013 to 2020/2015 respectfully.

I am hired for general yoga classes frequently and have chosen to just share some examples of more customized programs above.


Trauma Teach-In: Responsive Educational Practices for Navigating Trauma as Learners and Educators. 2020.

Decolonizing Fitness & Body Liberation @ Bebo Mia, Inc. Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Instructor Training. 2020.

Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault 

w/ the Michigan Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board. 2018-2019  

Panels and Other Events

What is Racial Trauma? @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.

Coping with COVID-19 Related Stress @ Ann Arbor District Library. 2020.

Collective Resilience: Identifying and Building Sources of Mental Health Support for Students of Color @ Young, Gifted, @Risk, and Resilient Conference. 2019.


I offer both pre-planned and customized workshops and trainings for groups, organizations, and businesses.​ Bringing my work to your group is a unique opportunity for normalizing self-care and encouraging critical thinking about wellness as an institutional practice. I really enjoy seeing how pre-existing communities experience my work and what they take away when we part.

Workshops and Trainings




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