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My Teaching Style​

I use best practices for tending to stress and trauma. I take very seriously the connection of our body and emotions. I always make sure I have clear consent before providing hands-on adjustments, and am trained in trauma-informed mindfulness. Together we will work to build a sense of safety in your body.

I make my programs as accessible as possible. I think this is important to say because in no way am I perfectly inclusive or accessible all of the time; I'm human. I do my very best to prepare options and offer modifications, and am always learning how to truly be more inclusive. 


My programs are secular. If you've attended other classes you might be surprised when I don't end with "namaste." I enjoy, but am not an expert in, yogic philosophy or cultures typically associated with yoga. I do use both Sanskrit and English in naming yoga postures because the translations have anatomical value. It is important to me to be clear on what I am teaching, because I believe we must appreciate culture responsibly and think critically before repeating it.

RISE Values and Beliefs​

Mindfulness and yoga are resources for locating freedom and pleasure in our bodies. Though these practices can certainly instigate physical and/or emotional discomfort, the "no-pain-no-gain" perspective does not support transformative wellbeing. Each pose is a gift we can use to explore and learn about our bodies, rather than something we should try to accomplish.

You have choices. Everything is an invitation, not a requirement. You are allowed to go as deep, or stay as shallow, as you want to. Especially in a group class where the teacher can't focus on you as an individual, you know your body best. We are all responsible for our body's particular needs!

Wellness is a political issue. Our health and wellness is not separate from the social inequities in our society, our experience of them through our intersecting identities, and the health conditions of those around us. It is your right to push back against the ways oppression, colonization, and appropriation impact you and your community.

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