Hi, I'm Raina.

There are many reasons why I chose the word RISE to represent my business:


Over and above, the word RISE really captures my goal in working with people. For me, thinking about the word RISE evokes dynamic sensations and imagery; of lifting through the spine and through the heart area, standing tall, feeling confident and capable, both content with oneself and interested in engaging with others. In a world where we can be made to feel that we lack the right training to truly take care of ourselves and experience life to the fullest, we might make ourselves small, doubt our intuition, or isolate ourselves from others. I believe that it is possible for you, your family, your coworkers, or any other group or community to feel more empowered about your body(ies), your health, and your general wellbeing, even in spite of the structural harm that makes it challenging. I can help you develop resources and insight on your way there.

Each of the letters in my business name account for a central principle that guides my work, and you can read more about each of those below. These are all principles that I have discovered through my work as an educator and therapist thus far, accompanied by critical self reflection, dialogue with some inspirational people in my life, and continued learning: 


To me, being radical means practicing audacity: the audacity to acknowledge the collective pain of the world as a result of oppression; the audacity to live outside of health ideals constructed and maintained by oppressive groups and structures; the audacity to envision a world where resources for healing are normalized and accessible; the audacity to acknowledge health equity as a birthright.



We are meaning-making and story-telling creatures. As much as my work involves getting folks out of their heads, having a clear sense of self-including where we’ve come from and where we dream of going - provides comfort and reinforces identity. In practice with me, building insight involves playfulness, curiosity, and mindful awareness.



Body-based (also called bottom-up) healing modalities get us in communication with our nervous system. Through mindful observation of sensation, impulses, sensory information, and emotions we can gather more data about our stress responses and triggers, and practice coping in intense moments of physical or emotional distress. We can also savor awareness of good feelings, success, and connection. 



Embodiment is presence, clarity about what you deserve, a sense of strength and stability. Colonization, patriarchy, and white supremacy rely on disembodiment. When you are embodied, you are actively fighting back against these systems and structures. When we are embodied we are also more able to connect with and give to our communities more fully.

My Credentials​

  • Masters in Public Health, Health Behavior and Health Education University of Michigan

  • Masters in Social Work, Interpersonal Practice University of Michigan

    • Licensed with Clinical focus in the State of Michigan

    • Currently serving as Faculty for the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board

  • Certified Yoga Teacher (A2 Yoga)​ 

    • 200 hour training in Hatha and Vinyasa styles​

    • Essential Yoga Anatomy e-course (~20 hours) with Jason Crandall 

  • Additional Training and Experience​​

    • Parts Work Training with Tom Holmes
    • Level 1 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Training
    • Psychopharmacology for Social Workers University of Michigan School of Social Work 

    • Childhood Trauma Practitioners Conference The National Institute for Trauma and Learning in Children 

    • Nicotine Addiction: How to Help your Clients Quit Jewish Family Services 

    • Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents Pathways for Change

    • LGBTQ+ Cultural Humility and Sexual Health Training for Health Center Staff MFierce Health Access Initiative  

    • Techniques for Mental Health Providers (CBT) UM Medical School TRAILS to Wellness   

    • Motivational Interviewing for Childhood Obesity Michigan Department of Community Health  

  • Experience conducting program evaluation (formative, summative, process, utilization)

  • Over 100 hours training in sexual health, sexual assault prevention, and healthy relationship skill building education




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