Private Yoga Sessions

Private sessions are an opportunity to receive customized instruction that responds to your body's unique needs and celebrates its capacities. 


Some reasons you might benefit from private sessions include:

  • finding poses and modifications that feel good to your body

  • using directed mindfulness to understand injury, chronic pain, stress, depression or trauma

  • learning somatic grounding techniques to regulate emotion and arousal

  • studying more advanced practices (postures, breath, meditation)

  • needing an hour to de-stress, just for you

  • wanting to feel confident practicing on your own at home

  • or confident enough to go to a class!

I can come to your home or office, 

or we can reserve studio space for an additional $10-15. 

Private lessons are $50-75/hour

Two or three people $100-125/hour

Four or more people $150/hour

Opt. studio rental +$10-15/hour

If you're interested to learn more about what I offer for groups, check out my group session information.

If you are interested in psychotherapy please contact me through Amplify Colectivo -





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