Compassion, Compassion, Compassion

Originally posted: Feb 10, 2016

Last night, I interviewed my friend Verónica Caridad Rabelo (I LOVE this photo of her). Verónica is a PhD student in the Psychology and Women's Studies departments at the University of Michigan. Originally from New Jersey, she has explored mindfulness and meditation practices for quite some time. In fact, much of her academic research overlaps with these topics. If you listen to the session you will gain a deeper understanding of how she intentionally and gracefully acknowledges the intersections within her life. I was so impressed and inspired by the perspectives she shared with me as well as the accompanying sense of confidence, empowerment, and compassion. We talked more both before and after the interview, and probably could have kept going! The interview took place in Veronica's apartment, so any thumps you might hear is one of her adorable cats, and occasional giggles are most definitely in response to said cat.

You can find our conversation, an audio recording (I feel like I can barely call it a podcast!) on SoundCloud here, and some awesome resources she shared with me below:

Self-compassion resources

Free guided meditations - in English and Spanish!

Types of meditation techniques

Verónica also blogs on Fulfillment Daily occasionally!




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