Workshop: Mindfulness 101

Previously implemented with campus staff and students, as well as in the community at the library

1 hour (or more!)

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness of yourself and surroundings; it is being present on purpose. Through mindfulness practices, we learn to direct our attention to the present moment without expectation or judgement. It is a process of self-discovery in our emotions, thoughts, body sensation, and other elements of the present moment. Research has shown that mindfulness practices have many benefits, including compassion towards self and others, improved emotion regulation, and improved focus. Often associated with yoga and other meditative practices, mindfulness has also been used in other settings such as athletics, classrooms, and workplaces.

This workshop will include guided mindfulness exercises, visualizations, and moments for reflection through journaling. Please bring a journal if you have one and anything else that will help you feel more at ease such as a sweater, water, or tea!

A couple notes:

  • I teach mindfulness, not meditation (I do have a personal meditation practice). Mindfulness is not only about clearing your mind - we will explore various ways to activate mindfulness throughout our day.

  • Mindfulness discussed in the media often preserve the illusion that mindfulness will always feel good and calming. The truth is, depending on your past experiences (general stress, or trauma) and/or your state of the day, it may also bring into focus negative thoughts, feelings, body sensations, or memories. This is neither good nor bad - it just is! I instruct with these realities in mind. I provide grounding/emotion-regulation techniques informed by trauma treatment throughout the workshop.




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