Teacher Consultation

Much like our individual asana practices, teaching is a lifelong process of learning and integrating. It is not a destination that is reached or a to-do list item that we can cross off after completing a 200-hour teacher training, or even hundreds more hours beyond that. We have the tremendous honor of participating in our students healing journeys. This is both a great joy and a great responsibility. No matter where you are in your career you deserve space to reflect, ask questions, and grow. 


Consultation sessions can include open discussion and coaching on topics such as:

  • teaching basics

  • finding your voice and teaching philosophy

  • teacher self-care

  • trauma in the classroom

  • distinguishing how and when to use verbal or hands-on adjustments

  • diversity & inclusion​ in yoga (as pertains to identity, ability, body size, and other factors)

  • cultural appropriation of yoga

If you are a yoga studio interesting in having me come teach a workshop or training, please check out my pages on group sessions.

$50/hour (free initial consultation)

No one turned away due to lack of funds

In-Person or Online

If you are interested in psychotherapy please contact me through Amplify Colectivo - raina@amplifycolectivo.com.





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