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"Raina’s knowledge and passion for yoga was evident in every aspect of this workshop.  I appreciated the opportunity to participate in such a perfectly designed workshop."   - K. L. 

"Raina's classes were my first introduction to yoga, and I'm so grateful to her for encouraging me to continue my practice. She always provides a welcoming environment for all levels and bodies. Her instruction gracefully balances teaching the physical aspects, incorporating emotional and spiritual elements, and acknowledging the social-political context in which we practice."     - B. M.

"Raina treats each class like a family, creating an almost instant sense of community. She is invested in the holistic wellbeing of each student, whether they attend one of her classes, or are a weekly regular. Raina's classes are intentionally accessible to folks with intersecting identities. She makes yoga truly "for the people."      - M. C. 

"I took Raina's yoga class for over a year and loved every minute of it! Raina has a great way of intertwining the physical and spiritual side of yoga. I learned so much about my body and yoga principles. Raina is inspiring, creative and even brings humor into her classes. I just love her teaching style!"     - E. B.

"Raina is the kind of teacher who truly cares about each of her students and shows it in every interaction. She creates a warm, inclusive environment in her classes and provides a beautiful combination of insight, expertise, and vulnerability in her teachings. Her inversion/arm balance workshop managed to be both informative and playful. Raina is an absolutely lovely instructor and human being!"     - E. S. 

"The Self Care: Transcend the Slogan Wellness workshop was a phenomenal experience for MSW and undergraduate students. The workshop was hosted towards the end of the year, leading into finals. The session was both interactive, engaging, and informative. She offered an introductory overview of wellness as a concept for students to explore both personally, and professionally as practitioners. The balance between content, knowledge, and practice proved exceptionally beneficial for attendees."         - A. W. 

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