Interested in learning more about trauma, mental health, inclusivity, and healing justice as it relates to your work as a teacher/healer? Let's talk!

Workshops and retreats begin at $150/hour .


Classes, longer workshops, and even longer yet retreats are available for structured groups and organizations, as well as informal/self-defined communities, friend groups, and families. Content can vary depending on your needs and goals. The pre-planned programs below integrate yoga, mindfulness, and reflective activities. Click on the buttons to learn more about the content, length of workshops, and where they've been implemented in the past. If you prefer something other than my pre-planned programs we can collaborate to construct something that works for your audience. ​General Yoga Classes are also available with consideration for desired style, duration, intensity, level, and ability (e.g. beginning yoga, vinyasa yoga, ​yoga for back pain, yoga for stress, etc.)

Customized Programs





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